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With The Help Of Tantra Sadhana  By the Best Tantrik in Kolkata Sri-cosmic energy can be explored in the deep rooted realm of pursuit, and only inherently and syllogically it can only be revealed! Man has passed a period of time through self-religion, following the trend of evolution – On the basis of natural evolution; the trend of the form of religious pursuits has also changed! In the historic discussion of power from the prehistoric era, many high priests and history scholars have reviewed the religion and religion of the primitive people. Powerful pursuit of different kinds of power is found in the nature of the primitive people behind this nature; the effect of that stream can be seen! The original goddess of the primitive people is Shri Shakti, the original form of meditation of the power of the soul is the wife’s power that means worshiping goddess, once in all the world there was the introduction of goddess worship! This goddess worship and Sri Aurobindo Shakti Matri Devi Puja are found in the collections of the main forms of origin and the description of various forms of this goddess Pooja & their materials are found outside India and India! As far as it is known that India is a country which is believed to be the mother of the goddess Puja from the very beginning, this is the mother of goddess Mata or the mother goddess Pooja is the main goddess in the worship of God. And in the main human society or chrome, there is a tradition and variation of the worship of male deities! Since the prehistoric era, people have been divided into different groups, and in various ways, the worship of the goddess has been established in the heart of creation and in the mind!


According to Tantra Shastra, the form of Shiva and power is amazing! Reviewing the answer to Shiva, the interpretation of the fundamental principle of Shiva Shakti will be found! That is why our Tantra scripture is the beginning of the origin of Adi Shakti, which is called Shonghu, who is the corporation! The original Vedic form of Shiva is explained by Sayang Rudra, Vedic Rishis, seeing this horrendous form of Rudra through twelve horrors of nature. Anything harmful, deadly in the animal world; Rudra seems to have been associated with a destructive form, so here, Rudra is the god of destruction, so everyone felt afraid of it! In some cases, they felt that Rudra was never a terrible thing, in which it was a good source of truth and beauty combined with beauty! He is the benefactor of his devotees and seekers, he is the life-time, glory, knowledge, treasure and happiness and happiness and prosperity! The Vedic Rishis have witnessed this terrible form of Rudra by seeing the horrific destructive nature of nature! He has a true and beautiful collection of beauty!

Best Tantrik in Kolkata (Gouranga Agambagish)

Tantra Sadhana Perform By Gouranga Agambagish

Rudra is terrible, but in a sense he is true and beautiful! He was very soft and gentle, but he was in his throat! The idea of describing the form of Rudra in the form of the imagination of the goddess Kaliika in the first phase of Dashmaha Vidyapha is published! In the form of the horror of Rudra, the description of the terrible form is found in the form of silence, and found in the form, it is found in the form – a beautiful form of a reservoir! We see a special necklace in the neck of Rudra, the garland like this we can see the Goddess of Goddess Kali, which is the face of the eye! He is the father of God in man and nature. He is the son of Rudra, the creator of the whole creation, the father, father and strength of the world, this world is in harmony! Perhaps the main precursor of the mystery of that secret creation is Goddess Ambika (Rudraani)! Lord Rudra is known by many rules of Yaju, in which Rudra Deva is the god of all classes! Especially the lower classes of the people below the absolute respect! On the other hand, Rudra is also the god of agriculture, who is said to be the first Parasiva in Jijupai! The name of Rudra is another name for the black turtle, and it is compared to the image of Lord Shiva, the lord of death, Sri Sri Kaal Bhairab.

Again this time, when the time of the annihilation of the time of the destruction of the time of the end of the monastery! Once again, the fierce frenzy of the fierce frenzy that is mixed with the time of destruction and the destruction of the terrible form is a frenetic form, only then this goddess is worshiped as a blood vessel Bhairav, at that time in the center of the cheetah caricature in the crematorium, here, ghosts and the Yakshi, who carries them, dance in the middle of the cheetah! Rudra is the god of destruction and creation! Tomorrow and so on He saw Mahakaal as a man when he was seen as a man, he is Mahakaal!! Rudra is the absolute glory of which there is no origin of the creation and there is no end, and Goddess Ambika / Mahakali is the absolute devotee, so there is a special way of understanding the power of Shivalinga through the beauty of Shilinga. In both forms of beauty and energy, both forms of Shiva and Shakti are different in nature! Where only the pier is imagined, the shawl said that the power is only the fable of Shiva! And Shakta says that Sage Shiva is the only one of the same energy! The full force is the brahmachaitanya Sarupini! Shiva without power, such as energy does not develop, so there is no existence of Shiva without power! That’s why the philosophy of Tantra is the total value of the philosophy is worthless! So here philosophy script is unapproachable! It is one of the main reasons why the Shakta philosophy is not unmotivated and disseminated with the power of power. Therefore, only with Shakti Sadhana, the presence of Shakta and the union of energy is so much involved!!!

Tantra Sadhana Healing By Best Tantrik in Kolkata (Gouranga Agambagish)

World first Tantra healing by touching was invented by Gouranga Agambagish (Best Tantrik in Kolkata) in recent time after 38 years of dedication in Tantra sadhana.

Process of Tantra Healing:

  • In first seating mantra chanting done in front of client by touching.
  • This process will continue in 15 days interval, till the client’s problem solve.
  • Telephonic mantra conversation with client will do in every 3 to 4 days interval between 15 days seating
  • Time limit of touch healing is 30 minutes per seating
  • Telephonic conversation time limit is 10 to 15 minutes
  • Telephonic conversation must be done on Tuesday and Saturday.

Client can get back to their normal and healthy life after 5 to 6 seating Guaranteed.

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